About Us

About GS Co.,Ltd

GS Co.,Ltd is based in Thailand and specializing in all types of food products / eatables. The products exported and imported by us include a wide rage of items. Our product wins customers' recognition for its high product quality and reasonable price. GS Co.,Ltd sincerely provides considerate service for our customers. A well-qualified & experienced team will ensure you uncompromised satisfaction and peace of mind across our supply chain.

GS Co.,Ltd Nut Factory - cashew machine

At GS Co.,Ltd:
We have a wide range and network of agents and suppliers globally, who look up to us and take the advantage we offer them by trading with us.

We exports and imports a wide range of eatables. We also has a strong focus on international commodities such as wheat, sugar and barley

"We pride ourselves with quality nuts and edibles that meets trust assessment with international bureau's and world class supplier platforms."